Fennec foxes

Source: nvdzoos.nl, photo by Su Neko
Fennecs are the smallest member of the fox family. Aqua Zoo Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands, has adapted an enclosure to house these animals: a good layer of sand was brought in so that the foxes can do their digging, and ...
the pen is nice and warm. Wild fennecs are native to the hot deserts of North Africa and Western Asia. To give zoo visitors a chance to see the fennecs in action, the day/night rhythm of these nocturnal animals has been reversed. In the wild, the animals are active seeking food at night and rest in cool dens during the heat of the day. This animal’s large ears conduct heat away from its body to help it cool.

The Fennec eats small rodents, birds, snakes, insects, spiders and scorpions; its large ears helps it hear prey from a great distance. The fennec’s diet also includes eggs and fruit. Remarkably, this animal does not have to live near drinking water, as it can get enough fluids from what it eats.

This smallest fox family member weighs 1-1.5 kg, and its head and body measure only 35-40 cm; its tail adds another 15-25 cm. Its height at the shoulder it is about 20 cm, and its big ears can grow up to 15 cm long. The animal’s fur is soft and yellow-brown, often lighter on the underside, and its tail has a black tip.

The Aqua Zoo Friesland fennec foxes are still quite young. Zoo staff are hoping for fennec offspring.
Photo license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0